What we love – short version

The End of the Rainbow is right here – and there is your pot of Gold – LOVE is here

Just a few minutes ago I marveled at the human body – watching a dance performance on youtube – at the same time aware of how the amazing technology of today has made possible for everyone everywhere to partake in communities, culture, beauty and wonder like at no other time in recent history – and that there is a side to humans that is truly amazing. Whether you love poetry enough that you would not want to live without it, or film, art, pottery, sports, dance or architecture, love good music or marvel at the amazing technology giving someone who needs it a 3D printed new skull – whether you just love love love your family, your friends or superbowl or the exploration of space in true science – or just love LIFE – consider this:

“Simply replanting trees, is not replanting communities.”

Maybe this IS the peak of human achievement we are experiencing at this time -and maybe the ONLY time  in history of this planet EVER for events like healing circles in the Prosperity Ashram  to be able to happen – because of the technology available to us today (oh – you too  can request a healing  at the Prosperity Path Forum here).

I – this human and its resident soul –  owe nature any life  or worthwhile activity I can do today … and I love her – in all her beauty beyond words and AWESOMENESS – from gently spring rain,  to the blade of grass or little bug right here in front of me – I have been blessed.

In the end, it really is all about waking up and learning how to move, about wonder and gratitude. To view with impartiality the destruction and exploitation of  nature that is  happening now all over the planet is difficult. It is what is happening however. – For a somewhat deeper elaboration on that point, please see the longer version HERE.

But this site is about what we love …and I love this earth home – I love nature – the birds and the bees and all that. In nature – Love just IS.

This is a good video – I do hope you watch it. I agree with the narrator:  the earth will regenerate, re-green – we don’t have to be part of it.

….. and Love is going to bring forth another form that recognizes It – Self as that.